• $21.95

    Chili Shrimp Order

    Jumbo shrimp sauteed in hot Indian pepper, onion, bell pepper and tomatoes, extra spicy

  • $17.95

    40.Chili Chicken Order

    Chunks of chicken sautéed in hot Indian peppers, onions and tomatoes, extra spicy

  • $ 21.95

    41.Chili Fish Order

    Fish fillet sautéed with fresh chili onions in light soy sauce

  • $14.95

    36.Gobi Manchuria Order

    Deep-fried cauliflower in a special soya sauce

  • $14.95

    37.Vegetable Manchurian Order

    Deep-fried vegetable balls in a special soya sauce

  • $16.95

    39.Chilli Paneer Order

    Fresh cottage cheese cubes stir fried in hot chilli sauce

  • $11.95

    43.Vegetable Spring Roll Order

    Steam vegetables inside golden fried wafer rolls