Pooja Indian Cuisine

1075 Easton Avenue, Somerset,New Jersey 08873

LIVE Dosa Station on Tuesday * Valentine’s Day*

Random Dishes

From Our Menu

  • $ 5.50

    10.Achaar Order

    Hot and spicy Indian pickles

  • $16.95

    71.Malai Kofta Order

    Homemade cheese stuffed in vegetable balls, cooked in mildly spiced cream sauce

  • $22.95

    134.Shahjahani Biryani Order

    Saffron rice cooked with boneless pieces of chicken, cubes of lamb and shrimp

  • $20.95

    100.Goat Curry Order

    Tender pieces of goat (with bone) cooked in authentic Indian curry

  • $4.95

    166.Salt Lassi Order

  • $17.95

    30.Vegetarian Assorted Appetizer For Two Order

    Samosa, pakora and papadum

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